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We try to write helpful articles here from time to time. The idea being that our clients can continually be learning by visiting this page, or new clients can get a feel for what they are up for before they begin.

Look out for the series – topics that should guide you through a subject, post by post, until you know enough to do it all on your own – saving us both a lot of time and effort.

wiGroup | New client added, full of promise

wiGroup is our newest client - hot off the press, that is the exciting news for today! We aim to help them reach into new territories overseas through Google Ads, and other avenues but also have some unique tasks ahead involving their social media and SERP's. They are...

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WordPress Themes | WordPress Series #2

If you are into Wordpress, you are likely quite into a Wordpress theme. We generally like what we are used to, but what are the definitive themes out there? Who has the most users and/or downloads and who is worth taking note of? We would hate our readers to use the...

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WordPress SEO | WordPress Series, Article #1

Wordpress is a powerful, incredible platform that lets people ease into the world of making websites and with that comes the opportunity to learn SEO. Every website needs good SEO (well, there must be some exceptions) but by and large a website that is beautiful,...

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Air Property | New Google Ads client for 2019

Air Property is our newest client of 2019, and welcome to them. We will be helping them primarily with their Google Ads and ensuring that tourists abroad find their website and use them to book accommodation in Cape Town. We hope that in months to come this dovetails...

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Hosting | What you need to know

Hosting can be an odd term for the uninitiated. If you refer back to the article on domains you might recall the metaphor of the postal service, and physical addresses. Your domain is like your physical postal address; your hosting is like your local post office....

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Google Data Studio | The next Level

Google Data Studio is like Google Analytics, on creatine. It helps you to see all your data in one place, but importantly, from a myriad of platforms. Google Analytics is more than enough for most people and businesses but you may be that guy who wants to wow a client...

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Google Suite | Business E-mail and a lot more

Google Suite is a no-brainer for most startups, or small businesses. It offers a whole host of incredible software tools for a paltry $4 or $5 a month, per user. Considering Microsoft Office for business is around $280 - for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, & Outlook -...

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Google Ads Campaign | How to Start

Whether it is on-site SEO, a Google Ads campaign, off-site SEO or most likely: all three – I will devise a strategy to ensure you rank highly and are visible to all potential customers. Perhaps the vital first thing to note is that they are all inextricably linked. As...

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