Google Ads – The typical initial, weekly, & monthly tasks

  1. Keyword research
  2. Create ad copy
  3. Create campaign for each country
  4. Create ad groups for various services
  5. Determine bid strategy
  6. Make bid adjustments, including:
  7. Device adjustments (desktop vs tablet vs mobile)
  8. Gender adjustments (male vs female vs other)
  9. Age adjustments (18-65+)
  10. Time of day, day of week (24hrs, 7 days a week – any combination of these)
  11. Create Extensions
  12. Continually improve ads – Re-write ad copy so it improves each month
  13. Continually add more keywords
  14. Continually add to the negative keyword list
  15. Pause keywords that don’t perform – ones that do not convert
  16. Creating audience/s for remarketing
  17. Remarket to non-converters
  18. Push Google Ads insight to SEO content strategy
  19. Improve website’s landing pages
  20. Report monthly on Google Ads performance

There is of course plenty more, but as I get asked so often, I thought I’d compile the basics above, and then add to it when I get more time down the line. I actually created a set of videos for my clients – eight videos of about 5-10 minutes each, that goes through all the key things to maintain on a weekly basis. Shout if you’d like access to them, and we can make a plan…