google Discover | how to appear in a news aggregator

Typically folk associate Google – and “googling” – with a ‘search’. You are searching for something, but in this case, it is appearing to you in a feed.

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Google Discover

Much like if you use Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or many other platforms, the ‘Discover’ feed is just serving you something it figures you might want to engage with. How is this relevant for you and your business? Well, the free traffic that you can get can be monumental! In some cases it can make up to 80% of your free, organic traffic. Considering you potentially have the content published to your site already, it is a no-brainer to see if you can make it appear in “Google Discover” at very little cost.

If you, like me, open “” quite often then you will be familiar with Google’s News aggregator. I love it. It aggregates my favourite news all in one place, and saves me the time and hassle of going to every news source to check if there might be something of interest to me. So, just in case you aren’t following, imagine my passions and interests are things like: wildlife, tennis, skiing, classical music, luxury travel, and the latest happenings in Singapore. Well, it will over time learn that is what you enjoy to read and follow, and present selected news in your feed.

If you would like your content to appear there – worldwide, I might add – then learn how you can code up your webpages to appear in this feed. Reach out for more details. 

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I have helped numerous clients with mutiple thousands of pages of content, if not more. Many of those would qualify to appear in the news feed.


“Mike helped us achieve a #1 ranking on Google for our most important industry terms, and it has lasted for years.” Philippa

If you would like to see similar results and grow both your visitor numbers and conversions, then please do get in touch.