To get a better understanding of what services I offer my clients, take ten to twenty minutes to read through what typical tasks I get up to. Occasionally I outsource, or partner with, others for certain tasks but for 90% of the work it’s just me and my Macbook.

The ideal scenario is that I form part of your team, just as if you had hired me in-house, and we take your digital presence forward together.

three broad categories

Google Ads

There are numerous things you can do within Google Ads, and I’ve divided them into sub-services below. For each one, I’ve also created a long page of content explaining each even further, they are in the ‘About’ dropdown in the navigation menu.


Focused on organic results, the two main areas here are “normal search results” and then everything else, ie. Google My Business and Map Pack results, local search which fits within that, and featured snippets.


It’s downright impossible to work on Google Ads and SEO without needing to get proficient at Google Tag Manager Google Analytics, Looker Studio, Google Search Console, Bing, site hosting, DNS, and how websites generally work. I’m no developer but I understand enough to work out what you’d need.

Sub-categories of the above

Google Ads Services



Gain more visibilty on Google, get more traffic to your website, and gather more revenue for your company.