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What We Do

Industry Analysis & SEO Strategy

Before we can advise you, we need to know just what you – and importantly, your competitors – do, and how you rank. After which we can advise you on the best way to achieve both higher rankings and visiting customers that convert.

On-site SEO Guidance

Depending on your scenario we will either send you a guide on what you can do to improve your on-site SEO, or do it ourselves. More than likely it will be a combination of both, as a lot can be done by the client, but some things are best left to the specialists.

Google Ads Campaign

Almost all SEO takes months to “kick in” and result in higher rankings, so we strongly suggest using Google Ads until that day. We will devise a strategy to ensure you rank highly for as many relevant keywords as possible, making you visible to potential customers immediately.

Off-site SEO Strategy

Once your on-site SEO is set up the next mandatory step is off-site help. Simply put, we need to get your name (and url) out to as many sites as possible online. This is the most expensive, time-consuming, and hardest part of the project. But leave it to us, we know what we are doing!


Content Strategy

‘Content is king’. This is the new buzzword in SEO and it shall likely remain this way for a while. We can help with press releases, social media platforms and posts, and any other online content. Although we rarely produce it ourselves, good strategy here is essential.

Monthly Reviews

SEO results can take months to attain and we totally understand this. Therefore we shall provide a monthly report on how you are performing, as you steadily make your way to the top. All our results can be verifired by giving you access to Google Analytics and other performance data.

If that six-step outline leaves you more confused about SEO than before, then we hope the below does a better job

industry insight & keyword Strategy

Before anything is started, the first thing we attend to is understanding your industry, and the various keywords and phrases that potential customers will search for. Getting this done correctly up front is essential and paves the way for a successful campaign. Although the majority of the work is done by us we do need to hear from you any particular insight or direction you would suggest. There is quite a difference between selling a yacht versus selling a yacht cruise…

Learn more in this post

campaign planning & long-term strategy

After an industry analysis and keyword strategy we discuss wtih you the best way forward. Typically SEO results have a small immediate impact, yet long-lasting results can take 6-9 months to achieve, industry dependent. An AdWords campaign can obviously begin to show results immediately yet it also takes months to become more economical as we leverage the knowledge gained from consumer behaviour. All in all, a short and long-term plan is drawn up, weighed up, and ultimately agreed upon.

More on this here

on-site SEO & website Architecture

The good news is that this only has do be done once, the bad news is that the process is a little painstaking up front. Luckily, we can plan it all out for you, dot every “i”, cross every “t”, and make sure your on-site SEO is tip-top. It is essential this is done correctly before you move on to working on your off-site SEO. Read our blog post (linked below) on the importance of this, complete with a gardening metaphor – to make it all a little easier to understand.

Intro to SEO: Gardening Metaphor

OFF-site SEO & a link-building STrategy

As mentioned previously, this is the long, hard work that goes on behind the scenes and really pays off in the long haul. The complexity of this task is too big to get into but put simply, we get your name out on the internet and drive traffic to your site. This helps improve your recognition by Google (and Bing/Yahoo etc) and therefore impacts your rankings positively. Continuing with the gardening metaphor, this is the daily grind of sowing and weeding and composting and watering and then one day… the harvest! Read more by following the blog post link below.

A basic intro to off-site SEO

Page Content & off-site Article publication

We have written many blog posts over the years and having written content is a key part of your strategy. After you’ve set up your site architecture – and geared your main pages for keywords you hope to rank for – you will want to focus on a long-term blog strategy that helps you rank for all the long-tail keywords. We can help you develop this list and guide you as to what to write, and why.

Page Content and Off-Site SEO

Google my business, maps, & Reviews

It would make sense that Google searches are biased towards Google products. We know for certain that your ranking is dependent on setting these up correctly with precisely the right content. Adding reviews is a bonus – and one we would recommend – but not as important as the former two. Either read our blog post on why and how to go about it, or ask us to do it for you as part of one of the package deals.

Google My Business, Maps, & Reviews Pack

Gain more visibilty on Google, get more traffic to your website, and gather more revenue for your company.

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