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what is ‘search’?

Today, to be found online, it is not enough just to have a great website, a few social media profiles, and a marketing team. Most people find what they are looking for by using a search engine like Google, and where you rank on the results page really can determine the fate of your business.

The role of an expert in SEO, or search marketing is to ensure that you are highly visible in the search results, and ideally above all of your competitors. As a “search specialist” – in both SEO and Paid Ads – I help companies to fashion an online strategy, and work with the existing marketing team to take hold of the lion’s share of the market.

Make Your Online Ranking a Priority

Increase Traffic to your Site

Step one in the process is seeing more people come to your site; ideally, people that are looking for what you offer, and they hopefully find it straight away. I can help make sure that their search terms are matched to your website – what you, they, and Google all want –  a great win-win-win scenario. SEO’s chief aim in this department is to see your organic traffic grow, as opposed to traffic from social media, paid ads, referrals, or direct traffic.

Reduce Advertising Spend

Done right, good SEO will surge you to the top of the rankings on Google, and then with a little maintenance, keep you there too. This means that you can likely lower your spend on other advertising costs – including Google Ads – which is something I strongly suggest you use from the beginning. My hope is that my fees not only bring in more revenue, but are justified by bringing down other costs, too. In addition, my monthly charge is also a fraction of what it would cost to hire someone in-house – another great saving.

Keep out the competition

With enough time and budget, properly implemented SEO should keep you above all the competition, indefinitely. And, if you increase your revenue, then you can use that extra income to really take over the market and dominate in your industry. Luckily there is enough space in the SERP’s for four companies to shine, and I don’t see too much difference between ranking 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th after which there is quite a drop. Keep in mind you might also want your paid ads, and your Google My Business profile to appear.

About ME

The Digital Architect “the DA” began out of a need for a decent website with great SEO for my own photography business and very quickly overtook my whole life! Being such an in-demand skill set, I quickly grew a large client base and I now focus on helping all manner of websites integrate sophisticated SEO strategies to help them have more of an online presence.

I have had success in a number of campaigns – both locally and abroad – achieving great increases in traffic, leads, and revenue for a wide variety of clients and industries. You can read some of the testimonials down below and on other parts of the site.

Testimonials from Clients

Mike is exceptionally knowledgeable, integrous, hardworking and easy to work with. The SEO management and PPC campaign that he instituted for Grid extensively changed our sales strategy in terms of lead generation, breaking into new markets and growing revenue. It is a no-brainer in terms of return on investment for his services. He is a great asset to any team and I highly recommend his services.

Kyle, MD @ GridFA

Mike is a fantastic digital strategist, who has particular expertise in search engine optimization and search advertising. We worked together on a project and I've never seen anything like the resultant acquisition analytics, in the research sector. A lot of folks would be really interested in whatever magic he’s working to have such a huge return from paid search.

Joe, Principal @ Fountain Digital Consulting

Mike helped optimise our on-site SEO, & setup and run our Google Ads campaign.

Brad, Owner @ Kleinrivier Lodge

Mike helped us achieve the #1 ranking on Google for our most important industry term.

Pippa, Owner @ Wildeflower

Mike helped build our website with SEO in mind. This, along with some of the advice he has given us around continuously maintaining our SEO presence, has ensured we're always on page one of Google!

André, Owner @ Ecolution

Mike made sure we climbed the rankings on Google in our industry through redoing our Wordpress website, implementing on-page SEO changes, making recommendations for blog posts, and doing a Map Pack. Added to that, he maintains our Google Ads campaigns.

Rochelle, Owner @ Chota Peg & Lime

Mike was instrumental in our initial foray into the confusing world of SEO for e-commerce. He gave us the vital direction needed for both our SEO and Google Ads.

Marieke, Owner @ Novella