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We try to write helpful articles here from time to time. The idea being that our clients can continually be learning by visiting this page, or new clients can get a feel for what they are up for before they begin.

Look out for the series – topics that should guide you through a subject, post by post, until you know enough to do it all on your own – saving us both a lot of time and effort.

The Funnel | The crucial macro-level view you need to see

The "funnel" is the idea that as people enter your website (say, 500 potential customers) over time that number dwindles down. So imagine that 100 of those 500 click through to your pricing page, 200 to your services page, and 200 leave your website. Then of the 300...

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Crystal Lodges Uganda | Welcome to a new Client

Today we welcome Crystal Lodges Uganda as a new client. We are very stoked to be burrowing our way into both the Ugandan market, and the accommodation and safari market, too. Firm believers in supporting our local Africans, and advertising to the world how epic this...

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Landing Pages | What they are, and Why you need Them

Landing Pages are the start of good UX. UX stands for User Experience, and a good 'UX' is every web developers dream for those that use the website. We all want to go to world-class websites that are easy to navigate, communicate clearly, are soft on the eyes, and get...

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Hosting | What you need to know

Hosting can be an odd term for the uninitiated. If you refer back to the article on domains you might recall the metaphor of the postal service, and physical addresses. Your domain is like your physical postal address; your hosting is like your local post office....

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Google Data Studio | The next Level

Google Data Studio is like Google Analytics, on creatine. It helps you to see all your data in one place, but importantly, from a myriad of platforms. Google Analytics is more than enough for most people and businesses but you may be that guy who wants to wow a client...

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Google Suite | Business E-mail and a lot more

Google Suite is a no-brainer for most startups, or small businesses. It offers a whole host of incredible software tools for a paltry $4 or $5 a month, per user. Considering Microsoft Office for business is around $280 - for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, & Outlook -...

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Google Ads Campaign | How to Start

Whether it is on-site SEO, a Google Ads campaign, off-site SEO or most likely: all three – I will devise a strategy to ensure you rank highly and are visible to all potential customers. Perhaps the vital first thing to note is that they are all inextricably linked. As...

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Rentacheapie | SEO for Cape Town Car Rentals

Rentacheapie is a new client who is hoping to increase their visibility on Google searches (and hopefully Bing by default) in two main ways. First, on local search (by which I mean South African) and secondly, by attracting more Europeans. A pretty seasonal business,...

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What is Google Analytics | Why You Need it

Google Analytics is a free piece of software that helps you monitor who is coming to your website, and what they are doing when they get there. For the non-experts who want a quick outline of the main things you need to understand with Google Analytics, here is a...

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