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We try to write helpful articles here from time to time. The idea being that our clients can continually be learning by visiting this page, or new clients can get a feel for what they are up for before they begin.

Look out for the series – topics that should guide you through a subject, post by post, until you know enough to do it all on your own – saving us both a lot of time and effort.

Stephen Penny Psychology | New client, new niche

This new business has just joined us. Stephen has launched out on a limb to start his own practice and guess what? He vitally needs both a fresh website, and the SEO tools & tactics to help him rank it over his rivals. Thankfully, we have just what it takes to...

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Adnama Hair Design | Another niche in the burbs

Adnama, you read that right, is joining us as our first Hairdresser. She needs both a Wordpress website and tip-top SEO so that she attracts all the interested customers within a 10-mile radius of her place of work in the southern suburbs, Cape Town. It's early days...

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The Firewood Company | TFWC joins the fray

The Firewood Company has recently undergone a site redesign and has the impetus to grow their marketing budget. We were roped in to help with Google Ads and for some on-site SEO advice so that all those freezing Capetonians who turn to the web in distress to find...

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Atlantic Marina | Luxury Apartment Rental Management

Atlantic Marina specialises in luxury, self-catering apartment rental in the V&A Waterfront, of Cape Town acclaim. A unique and “niche” type of business and hence perfect for SEO! SEO largely involves narrowing down exactly what a company’s offering is and helping...

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Reputation Management | What it is, and how it works

Reputation management has been on my radar this year in a big way. Three separate stories, and two new clients from it. The first two stories (and clients) had a problem with their search results, and didn't like what they were seeing - or rather, what their potential...

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GridFA | Forensic Accounting based in Cape Town

GridFA stands for Grid 'Forensic Accounting', and that is their prime business. It’s not often the man on the street needs a forensic accountant (if ever) but in a country full of corruption (#KPMG) one can imagine these guys keep themselves busy! Much like insurance,...

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Bing | An Alternative to Google

In terms of searches, Bing is the second best option to Google, with Yahoo in third and it may be worth your while seeing if it can help your site's SEO rankings. What an SEO expert should do for you, from day one, is set up your website to be indexed with Google...

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The Funnel | The crucial macro-level view you need to see

The "funnel" is the idea that as people enter your website (say, 500 potential customers) over time that number dwindles down. So imagine that 100 of those 500 click through to your pricing page, 200 to your services page, and 200 leave your website. Then of the 300...

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Crystal Lodges Uganda | Welcome to a new Client

Today we welcome Crystal Lodges Uganda as a new client. We are very stoked to be burrowing our way into both the Ugandan market, and the accommodation and safari market, too. Firm believers in supporting our local Africans, and advertising to the world how epic this...

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WordPress Security | WordPress Series #4

Wordpress Security is vital in this day and digital age. With 25% of the world's websites being a Wordpress one, it's likely that 25% or more websites being hacked are built using that platform. To be honest, I would say 50% at least because some % of the whole will...

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