Moving house can be a tricky situation, which may involve needing to move large household items through very small spaces. Questions like “How did we even get this sofa in here in the first place?”, backaches and frustrated friends or family who volunteered to help may not be worth it when you could hire specialist movers to handle the stress for you.

Many moving companies in and around London offer services suited to your specific needs, regarding moving furniture that realistically just won’t fit through your door frame. HIAB trucks are often used as a means of lifting heavy items through windows or roofs, preventing the possibility of getting these stuck in any small spaces. Below is a basic guide to HIAB trucks and whether or not they may be the right option for you and your move.


The term HIAB stands for Hydraliska Industri AB, the name of a Swedish company and manufacturer of loader cranes and other heavy machinery, founded in 1944. Today the term “HIAB” has become a commonly used term, referring to all lorry-mounted cranes.

HIAB crane trucks are able to lift a variety of loads through their hydraulic powered design, making them ideal for moving heavy items such as equipment and material on building sites as well as furniture in the case of moving house. Their mobility, in comparison to cranes and forklifts, allows for saving time, energy and resources and will warrant an efficient experience with regards to moving weighty loads.

Truck Hire

HIAB trucks come in an array of types and capacities, all suited to different needs. If you are thinking about hiring one of these trucks for your move, there are a few things to consider when deciding which type will best serve the purpose you need it for. Most hiring companies and specialist movers will be able to offer advice, but will ask you a few basic questions to help you make your decision.

1.  One of the first questions you will be asked will be concerning the loads you are planning to handle. Having an idea of the weight of the items you wish to move will help in determining the basic capacity of the crane needed for the job.

2.  The height of your building or home will be important in choosing a crane size that will be able to safely reach your window or roof to lift out your household contents with ease.

3.  You may be asked whether or not there are any site access restrictions at your collection or delivery locations, which will contribute to the type of truck needed.

Specialist Movers

When planning for your move, look out for moving companies which include HIAB hire as part of their services. This will save you the time and trouble of having to look for independent hiring companies in addition to your moving company. Most specialist movers will be able to offer you a quote based on the information gathered from the questions highlighted above, so make sure you have considered these before inquiring about prices regarding your move.

HIAB crane trucks can be an incredibly valuable resource in making your moving that much smoother. We hope that this basic guide has given you some insight into the uses and benefits of including these trucks in your move.