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SEO Tutorial #1 | See what I see!

In this first tutorial we shall see what goes through my head when I see how you rank. We shall be doing this for a prospective made up client who is trying to rank for the term "pizza oven installation England", and all the derivatives. Essentially, they make...

Bing | An Alternative to Google

In terms of searches, Bing is the second best option to Google, with Yahoo in third and it may be worth your while seeing if it can help your site's SEO rankings. What an SEO expert should do for you, from day one, is set up your website to be indexed with Google...

SEO Vocabulary | Learn the online world’s “vernacular”

SEO Vocabulary is a much needed thing. I have discovered this the hard way when explaining things over and over to clients, and often the exact same thing to all the different clients. In fact, you probably are a client of mine (or should be) if you are reading this...

Ever wish you knew the quickest way to get a new driver’s license, or skip the queues at Home Affairs? I’ve learnt the hard way, yet also found the solutions to the two above, and they are closely guarded secrets… unless you bribe me…. Jokes. But, all that aside, sometimes online you wish you knew how to do something, and reading some huge article really takes too long, or it’s badly written and confusing. My hope is to combine screen recording videos and written walkthroughs to help you navigate some of the stock standard daily things I do in my digital world. I hope they are of some use to you.

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