In terms of searches, Bing is the second best option to Google, with Yahoo in third and it may be worth your while seeing if it can help your site’s SEO rankings. What an SEO expert should do for you, from day one, is set up your website to be indexed with Google through the Google Search Console. What isn’t nearly as common (or necessary) is doing a similar thing with Bing’s Webmaster Tool, which is in essence the same practice: namely, asking them to index your site. They more than likely index it anyway but what these two tools help with is you get far more control over how it is indexed, and wha tis or isn’t indexed.

Unfortunately, Bing’s tool is ugly in comparison (did they really not have the budget to spruce it up just a little?) but it does come with some things that are nifty and helpful, and considering it only takes a little time and effort to set up, it is well worth doing so. Much like GSC, just submit your domain to them, and then prove you truly own it through one of three ways. I’ve gotten into the habit of verifying all the sites I have access to with DNS entries and you should too. Sometimes it is fun to verify through all the ways, or at least two, in case one disappears for some unknown reason – which has never happened before but sometimes you’re working in a team with someone who doesn’t understand why a little line of code, or a txt file is there and just removes it.

Once verified, take a month holiday and return to look at the data. By then there will be something significant to look at and you can see how many people found you through the Bing Search Engine. It may not be that impressive but mark my words (or moreover, the SEO experts overseas) I think Google’s popularity may dwindle, leading to the rise of Bing, and maybe ever more so DuckDuckGo. Essentially, people may start learning how important their digital privacy is and start changing their habits; I haven’t yet #toomucheffortfornow but may do so one day this year, or next.

Otherwise, be aware, Bing is a real player and for the 15 or so minutes it takes you, it is worth indexing with them.

Here is a little visual of the verification screen showing the first of the three options. Try do them all!