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Discovery Bank | Benefits, Rewards, & More in 2023

In January of 2023 I began my journey with Discovery Bank. I'd first used Discovery Health back in 2007, added Discovery Vitality in 2008, and much like getting everything in the Apple ecosystem for easy integration, I finally took the plunge and started migrating to...

Discovery Vitality | Updated for 2023

I first started using Discovery Vitality in 2008, when my work moved locations next door to a newly-built Virgin Active. Back then Vitality was R109, and to get "free" gym within that price was worth it alone. In addition, Vitality took a risk and let you get back a...

Discovery Miles | Loyalty in 2023

I finally took the plunge to get behind Discovery Bank early this year; it was probably in January because that is the month that is quiet for me, and I use it to do all that "life admin" like looking at my home and car insurance, for one. It had been in the back of...

Loyalty is quite an industry, and I intend to go from being a loyalty “hobbyist” to a seasoned pro who can work as a consultant in the industry.

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