July in Cape Town is a month of school holidays and quiet. I think a lot of people who do business in the city – and maybe the whole country – go on holiday and there’s school holidays and then everyone comes back and it’s much quieter than usual. So I’ve used the time to upskill a lot on AI and tools that work with AI. And I think we’re going to see a lot of tools coming out that people just go directly to instead of the source, whether it’s ChatGPT or BARD or whatever.

So what I’m proposing to do, and I’m going to lay it out in this article, is I want to just talk using a new tool I use called AudioPen, which I’m literally using right now, and then get that to transcribe everything I’m saying. Then the second step would be to have that turned into a podcast format where someone, like a little bot in a sense, like a fake human, is reading that out. So I embed a podcast on the page of content. Then I want to, with that same content, turn it into an animated video with a person talking and then maybe a transcript at the bottom of the video, embed that on YouTube. And then I want to perhaps get an AI tool to make some data out of it with infographics based on some things I’m going to say. And then I’ll probably use a bunch of other tools just to push out one giant piece of content of about 2,000 words with a video, a podcast, tons of links, helpful information. And it’s all going to be around one topic that I think is super helpful.

I think what I might do, just because it’ll be hilarious, is do a piece on a perfect piece of SEO content, and that piece of content itself is the perfect piece of content, and see if it can rank and see if anyone says anything about it, and then ask people to maybe comment on it, or maybe not comment, but email me if they think it was useful and what they would change, or if they found themselves there. I also just want to do it as an experiment, and the main point would be to see how long it takes to do, and how much value it could add to other clients. If it takes one hour and it costs them 1,000 rand, is it worth it? But if it takes three hours for 10,000 rand, is it worth it for me and for them? Anyway, that’s going to be the experiment, and I’m sure thousands of people are doing the exact same thing as me, so let’s see what happens.