I am helping this new business appear for both organic and Google Ads based search results. Early days, check back in 2024.

I used to use gas in my home, but bought a property that didn’t have it installed and so thought “perhaps it is time to move to induction”, because I was also thinking about installing solar in the home, and why get it if you can’t make the most of harnesing the sun’s power. Which you obviously won’t be doing with gas. But then, load shedding all but ceased, and kind of looks like we might be ok for a few years – until of course something happens and we’re stuck on Level 4-6 again for months – and so I am just stuck in a perpetual cycle of “what is going to happen in South Africa?!” to which I think, ag, God only knows. Literally.

It’s fun here in South Africa, living without being so certain about the future, and the price of eggs. Again, literally. What do I do about it? Keep calm and carry on doing SEO and Google Ads, and helping what businesses I can to succeed and prosper.