Codespace reached out to me in February to help them with their SEO strategy, and implementation. Passionate about education and job creation, I leapt at the opportunity. Codespace has this amazing ability to (theoretically) take someone who just finished Matric, and couldn’t get into University (or can’t afford to go) and get them started into the world of tech, coding, and the online space. Six months later they could be starting work somewhere, adding value, earning a salary, and 3-4 years later commanding a rather large salary! 

Compare that to their peers who may go study a BCom, and four years later finish with an honours and maybe get a job offer (let’s assume they do) and sure, ten years down the line they are both doing really well, but personally, in this modern climate I’d prefer the former path. One where you learn something in 5-6 months, start applying it almost immediately, and after three years of work if you then want a degree, you have a much better understanding of the world of work, and more importantly: you, and what you find interesting and of value.

I truly wish I’d had more perspective before embarking on my own degree, and post-grad – but alas, those options weren’t so clear back in the day. Tech is here to stay, and it’s increasingly obvious that degrees and old methods of learning are on their way out. Of course, medicine, engineering, and so many other things will remain the same, but I can honestly say that about 50% of my University courses and 50-60% of my schooling could do with some solid change, I wasted a lot of my time at both institutions, and they were both really good ones.

Putting the past behind us, thinking about the future, and then living in the now, I’d say take a look at their website, and what they do, and how their coding courses can help upskill people. Take a minute to think: 

  • Could I benefit from studying with them?
  • Would I like to donate/sponsor someone and change their lives?
  • How can I make South Africa better? 

For me I see education, and job creation as top-ten solutions to solving our countries 42 problems, as outlined by the World Bank, and cynical journalists. Of course, our problems are legion, but hey, if we’re not trying to help one person, with one tiny problem, once a year then it’s better to keep quiet and do something about it. And don’t go to the other extreme, where you try and help every person, with all their problems, every day – for you will be exhausted, add little value, and become disenchanted and likely want to emigrate. (Spoiler alert: and find that the grass isn’t greener, and that place has a tonne of problems, too).

Back to coding and education. Codespace is amazing, I’m super stoked to have a chance to help them, and I expect big things too. Give it another year or two and, like bitcoin, we shall see some giant leaps being made.