A new project this month is to help the burgeoning education business of GenX, or the Genex Institute. They are the official Cambridge partner in Africa, allowing schools to offer Cambridge education and assessment (and I am sure much else) through their combination of great technology, and systems. It’s very new for me, and this very week I want to apply my mind to understand the space much better – it has been a long, long time since I was in school and I am certain much has changed.

I feel a little unsure of what I believe education should look like today, and though I am a fan of it changing (there was much scope for improvement when I was at school, and a ton of it needed at UCT) there are some things I am not sure I am too keen on… the main one being small kids spending even more time on screens. So, let me leave it there for now, and do my homework, I am sure Cambridge is the best in the world in many things and we can just take their lead on all things education. Worth noting: I visited Cambridge University way back in 2012 (ten years now!) and thought it was perhaps the most beautiful University in the world! Wow, I wish I had worked harded at UCT and applied… not that I would have afforded the tuitionn fees, but where there is a will, there is always a way. And where there is a way, there is a okay. And if they say okay, I graduate in May. Ok, just rambling now. Check in again in a year!