Birding Ecotours offers small group birding tours all over the world. I am astonished at how many twitchers (this means birders) there are in the world, and the lengths that they go to travel to see just one bird. But also, I am not. We all have our pet ambitions and loves, and for these kind folk, it is birds.

As an avid nature lover, and very amateur birder, I am really excited to help these guys rise to the top of the bird touring industry with all my knowledge and know-how. A few notable things I figure I will need to succeed:

Buy some binoculars and go birding

Do the Cape Town Pelagic trip down off Cape Point

Borrow some birding books, read the birding magazine, and get into all sites birding related

Look into luxury tourism, eco-tourism and brainstorm how the modern nature traveller thinks and breathes and behaves (really getting into the role here)

And generally just do good ol’ SEO work to help them rise above the rest and establish themselves as a worldwide touring company. Adventure awaits.