I’ve always loved the Parisian ideal of a black coffee and a croissant on my walk to work each day. It’s maybe happened twice but that could change. It’s too costly on the pocket, and even more so on the waistline, but this tandem of delights is one of life’s best pleasures, and one I wish I could have for free, for ever. It’s led me to think about buying my own café, just so I can afford two nice flat whites daily, with a croissant now and then, at my wife’s discretion (or ignorance?).

All that to say, a new croissant I am tasting now is the one from Bootlegger Coffee Company. It’s better than Seattle’s but I am sure there are ones out there that are even nicer, and if in South Africa then maybe more costly. I’ve always been happy with the R12-15 Pick n Pay, and Woolies ones, because of the price, but as soon as you’re paying more than R25, it better be world-class. I had one at Knead yeserday that was unpleasant, but that is for another day.

From today I am doing work for Bootlegger – another F&B industry client, and am loving it so far. Which makes me think: “Have you heard of Coco Safar?” – I only learned of them through this and my other research project, when I was trying to think how to help Kauai. Stay tuned for an update on the SEO and Google Ads (and genral marketing for the Boot’ – am hoping for wildly exciting results in 4-6 month’s time.