It’s the end of 2021 and I am certain everyone is saying the same thing “the last time a year ended we all thought the next year would be the end of covid and all that and, we were wrong.” So, I am not going to write that, and rather try and say something original, because we all consume the same media, and it gets tiresome.

It was an amazing year, so many new clients, a lot of exciting work, and I moved into a new and fun work space that I want to trial for the summer – might not be that keen in winter as I work to it. A big thing this year had been the life change: moving to a safer suburb, walking to work, cycling more post-work, and having a child! Big life things, which makes me realise how much it impacts my work, and work life. You want to strike the right balance, but also enjoy both; too many folks hate their jobs or careers, and it really changes your mood and life. I don’t want to live like that if at all possible. Thankfully, I never get bored at work and when you work for yourself, you are always motivated to work more, for longer, and to keep growing, as it’s massively incetivised to do so.

My business grew perhaps 85% this year, in terms of revenue, and perhaps the more appealing thing is that I became so much more efficient! A huge highlight and a symbol of that is I finally found time to do a pretty intense Google Sheets course that helps me to do daily tasks that much faster. There is still so much to grow in that regard but it’s a great feeling when you know you are doing daily tasks (Asana, Google Sheets, mails, and the other 50 apps) with maximal efficiency. It all makes me think that on this trend, the modern world (and more first world) is heading very quickly towards a UBI (Universal Basic Income) tpye of life: there 5 day workweeks become 4 days, then 3, then a kind of “What do I even really need at all?!” and then downscale life so we have fewer possessions, less stress, and more time with friends and family. I’d sign up. I think what will happen after that is we will find new “work” and those things will actually be hobbies! Things we love we will work at, and if some $$$ comes of it great, but if not, we enjoyed the process.

Digitally, my year in review was mainly jumpsing between news sources in the morning, using the same old tools with one or two new additions, and rather becoming better at what I do, as opposed to wildly new things and adventures. Sometimes that is a good thing, and judging by revenue, profits, lack of stress, and a new child – it was the right call for this year.

All in all, I am so incredibly grateful to the online world for easy, labour free paid work, to my supportive wife, to friendly wonderful clients, and to have a healthy, full, whoelsome life in the gorgeous city of Cape Town. One day we will move on – I just know that it will happen, some day – and I’ll look back with fondness of working for myself in the city of “slaapstad” (sleep city, for those foreigners),