I recenlty added a service offering on my website where I suggested instead of committing to a six month retainer (standard for SEO for most clients) we rather grab a buffet breakfast at the Vineyard Hotel. That is, if you live in Cape Town and it’s easy for you to attend. The main reasons I am so pro this idea is that the time, and casual nature of the breakfast allows you to really get deep into discussing your business with me, and the price tag means you won’t rush through the meeting with a “quick coffee”and then go off to something else. Haste makes for waste. And you don’t want to waste this food!

I think you can arrive as early as 5.30am, and eat until about 10.30am or 11am – likely depends on the time of the year, and they have everything you can imagine you would want to eat. Croissants, juices, coffees, pastries, oats, smoked salmon with cream cheese and capers, fried options galore, a set menu (don’t do it!), fresh fruit, cereals, and plenty else. I almost always just do the cold option as my tummy doesn’t have space for more by the time I’ve had four croissants, and all the smoked salmon I can stomach. But we are digressing, and maybe imaginatively digesting…

If we met at 6am, and talked till 10am, there is so much ground we could cover, we’d basically emerge with a marketing strategy for the next year! Plus, as I know some things about business, too, we could delve deeper into that as well. Then, of couse, there is 100Mbps wifi which we can use to Google anything under the sun, and in this relaxed setting we can also just enjoy the atmosphere and peace and quiet that allows your brain to have “Eureka!” moments, which aren’t always possible in the thick of things at your office, or in a noisy coffee shop. Afterwards, a stroll through the gardens can crystallise your best thoughts, and a little nap on a bench, or a visit to the day spa, and it’s sounding more like a day off, than a working day!

Of course, this is nothing new in the world of business. A company will often have a “breakaway day” to go brainstorm and such, this is just a pea-sized, and cheaper version of that, and with the current price of petrol, much more affordable to do right on your doorstep in Cape Town’s favourite suburb (some might say!). Take a risk, buy me breakfast, and let’s see if we can do a giant amount of work in one morning, with enough coffee to keep you going for two days, and enough food for two weeks! 🙂