My latest client sits within the training and education space, and I’d like to introduce you to: “Get Onboard” – who teach a variety of courses to help you get work on superyachts. As someone who “worked a season” on the yachts way, way back in my youth, this is super appealing and I can’t wait to dive into all the data, and learn how to market courses in this particular niche. I must say, at this state in our country’s history (things are tough in South Africa at present) and with covid still having its effect, it is likely a really good time to make a choice like this, over something like studying at UCT. If my son was 18, finishing matric and wasn’t sure if he could even attend lectures, and how the next year would look, this would be a good option. Worsrt case scenario: you work hard for a year, with little time off, and do a lot of manual labour, and come home with a stack of money, and some life experience. Best case? you learn a language, travel a lot, meet interesting people, and more.

Let’s hope the folk who find Get Onboard get both, and that they find the website via some organic search, and super-optimised Google Ads! Work commenced last week, check in again in 6-12 month’s time 🙂