Wildeflower is perhaps the best go-to wedding florist company in South Africa, and certainly in the Cape. We are incredibly proud to know the owner personally and have helped her in the early years to formulate her SEO strategy. One of our quickest success stories is getting her to rank on the first page of results for terms like “wedding florist cape town” in under two months. To be fair, it was not a super-competitive term, but still, it shows you what is possible when you focus on key things like your Google My Business listing, indexing your site with Google Search Console, and more.

We wish Pippa and her merry team all the best in years to come, and so grateful to be able to assist in your digital blueprint.

Update: Looking back 2-3 months later and the technical SEO advice, and set up of things like Google Search Console did wonders for the site! They’re ranking far better now for a variety of terms, especially in the map pack. What is important to note is how strong the social media presence is – so many followers, engagement and links back to the site. We know Google has it as a ranking factor of some significance, but how much… perhaps more than we think!