Google My Business is simply a way to register your business with the giant Google themselves so that you appear when people search for you, or your industry term, online.

For example, I search for ‘vineyard hotel’ and this is what crops up:

google maps seo

When someone searches for your business, you crop up, along with a host of other handy information on the side too. We can help you not only rank on the first page of Google, not only appear first, but also: have your business be the only business that shows on the side. This can be remarkable (literally) as it will definitely make you stand out. Many times you may not show for a generic term, but over time you can rank first, and have your business shown. Note: If someone searches for your exact company, you will more than likely appear as a whole business (as pictured on the right above)

Added to the above, you will want to show on Google Maps, and we can help with that too. One, to be shown when people are searching within Google Maps, but two, as one of the businesses on the list of results on the left. See the example below for a search for a plumber:

google map rank

Lastly, with Google Reviews you will want to spend some time asking past clients to review you. That is how you get the stars next to your name. Be careful to ask the ones who loved your business! And also: note that they will need Google Accounts to be able to leave a review.

All that said and done, you certainly have to have these three – Google My Business, Google Maps, and some Google Reviews – if you want to rank highly in searches.

*Bonus tip: For a handy way of getting a short link (think your long link of 100 characters transformed into a short kind of link) then head on over here to see how they can help you quickly. These guys are great and can help you with your local citations, too. Something we will get onto posting about in a blog post one day coming…