Munro Forensic Actuaries (or “Munro FA” from now on) has been our most recent addition to the fleet of ships we are trying to sail through the dark waters of the internet. Waters that pirates and the navy both frequent, and both of which can sink you. In this analogy the pirates are all the nonsense out there that harms your site, and its ranking (and therefore the extra 100 hoops you must jump through) and the navy is Google and the like.

MunroFA hopes to cement their dominance in their specialised niche.

**Side bar: did you know how few actuaries there actually are in the country!? Not many, and so the ten or so I know makes me feel quite special.**

Added to that, they are on-boarding for some PPC, which is always a good idea, and I am sure we will help them with their GMB and other such things too, down the line.