Live to Ride is a subsidiary of Rentacheapie, the affordable Cape Town-based car hire rental company. Live to Ride, however, rents out one thing, and one thing only: Harley Davidson’s. Considering the price of them you would think that it’s not really a viable business model. Think again. People love riding a Harley and when you are a tourist to another country and looove your Harley, you will pay a fair price to rent one – especially seeing as you can’t take yours with you on the plane.

Proof? Well, using Google Search Console and Google Ads Keyword Planner we could tell there was searcher intent for the main terms associated with it, next was just to see if they could rank easily enough. What started as a basic Google Ads campaign matured slowly into a well-thought-out on-site SEO project and within six months the Ads were stopped because… they were starting to rank Top 3 for a number of terms, and didn’t need the Ad spend anymore. Congrats on taking a risk with theDA, and for succeeding; we wish Live to Ride many happy returns. And happy riders.

Update – Six months later: These guys had zero organic presence when it came to Harley Davidson rental so I went for the classic ‘Run Google Ads until you do’ strategy. Well it went far better than expected as they started to rank on the fist page, and then in the coveted top three after four months and were so happy with the results that they paused both Google Ads and SEO thereafter. As far as I know they are still happy with the results and no more work is needed!