Every now and again a website just needs an audit, as opposed to ongoing SEO work. This is one my favourite things to do as more than anything I love thinking SEO strategy, and being more of a consultant than a freelancer. Pathfind Media reached out to me a month or so back and I spent a good five to six hours going through every potential helpful thing I could think of for them to succeed online. Making websites, maintaining them, social media, content creation, branding, hosting, logos, and probably penty of other things – this is their bread and butter, and I was to add try add some metaphorical delectable jam so that folk would find them, and use their services.

The various tools I used included SEMRush, Moz, GTMetrix, web.dev, Screaming Frog, and a host of other tips and tricks that I won’t go into right now. You can learn some of the things I use by seeing them here, and if your website needs an SEO audit then just let me know; I am here to help!