GridFA stands for Grid ‘Forensic Accounting’, and that is their prime business. It’s not often the man on the street needs a forensic accountant (if ever) but in a country full of corruption (#KPMG) one can imagine these guys keep themselves busy! Much like insurance, it is a necessary business and industry, and they surely provide a useful service – keeping people honest where they tend to stray most: with money.

A more comprehensive client brief before this we have yet to see, and we are relishing digging our teeth into a wealth of different tools and tricks and platforms. Google Ads, on-site, off-site SEO, ranking in the Maps, opening new Map locations in other parts of the country (hopefully in every major city), tracking the rankings, getting the anchor text ratio perfect, polishing the UX, and building out content in line with the searchers’ intent but… matching the very services GridFA does so well. This one is certainly a long-term game and we are very keen to do a case study on the results in 6 to 12 months’ time. 

Lastly, these guys are some of the nicest people I have ever dealt with and there is much to be said for a company that values tech, sees its power, and wants to harness every byte of processing power it can produce. As usual, we want to do our best, and are excited to be launching into this new partnership. Stay tuned in months to come for our progress!

Update: Sadly, Covid-19 combined with changes in BEE ratings/levels, and the demise of the RAF (not sure exactly how but think it ran out of money) means these guys have had to really reduce staff. I am grateful I helped them make it into Botswana, and generate some epic leads, and even just take a firmer grip on the digital marketing side, where before they stuck close to tried-and-tested classic methods. I am certain down the line I’ll be crossing paths again with some of their core team, and look forward to it!