Core Furniture approached us to help with the search results they were seeing. A big player in the industry, and largely targeting high-end imported furniture, they are a typical company in need of SEO. What I mean by that is they have a brand presence, a physical presence, are in Jo’burg and Cape Town, have been around for ages, and operate Core Catering, too. So you would think “They don’t need any digital help, do they?!” to which I soundly reply “They do!”

Not to be greedy but there is always more of the pie you can take. Ranking as low as 90 for some very basic and key terms (for instance, something like “modern furniture”) is really not allowed. I can understand tenth, or twentieth but when sites that have little to do with furniture outrank you, there is a problem. We hope to heave Core Furniture up the rankings with good ol’ on-site SEO optimisation, a content plan, and many other tricks we have up our sleeves, and make their digital presence shine with delight.