Baithe Photography is technically our first SEO client of all time. Way back in March 2015 is when I got into SEO, pretty quickly after getting into building a website, as not only did I need this photography website to look good, I needed it to rank!

And so began the long process of learning not only WordPress, and running Google Ads, and posting on Social Media, but also doing some decent SEO work. It took a year to be firmly cemented in the top three of the rankings in the Western Cape, another six months to be #1, and then probably another year until I was ranked #1 across the country. (It may even be across Africa – I’ve never bothered to check!)

So Baithe Photography is theDA‘s genesis – and who knows what the end will be. All I can say is that it all began years ago and I used the property photography niche to teach me the tools of the trade.

Update: Many years later I came back to check on how Baithe is faring, and it has only been on the up! Check this visual of organic traffic for the past three years (2018, 19, 20) as example number one:

And then lets look at goal conversions for that period too, as a second example of success:

Really happy with the numbers there showing just how many goal completions were done via organic search, as opposed to paid, social et al – meaning those conversions cost nothing but “SEO work/sweat”.

Final word and sidenote: The best way to test if this brand’s SEO worked is to do yourself a favour and Google:

  • real estate photographer
  • property photographer
  • cape town property photographer
  • joburg property photographer
  • drone photographer
  • home photographer
  • house photographer

and such things related to that and it should still rank highly, if not #1, for those terms.

One cool story was I saw how much search traffic there was for terms around the idea of “what do photographers charge per hour”, and so I created a piece of content that gets Baithe 50-60% of its monthly traffic! It was such a successful piece of content I upgraded my server’s CPU and memory to handle the extra requests as it was failing! I aim to keep the website as a long-term project through which I can lecture, and teach others, and do experiments. It’s proved so valuable as a means of demonstrating the value of SEO, and I’d rather take snapshots and videos from here tha one of my active clients’ accounts.