I began using Hotjar about two years ago. A close friend started working for them and ever since I tried it out I have been incredibly happy with the free feedback I get on site visitors’ UX, and more.

Sign up here to test out the free version that gives you a lot of information before you need to pay. I gleaned so much info from the 2,000 page views, and hundreds of page recordings that I had enough changes to implement that I never upgraded! I now use it for three to four of my clients, and highly suggest it to them, and any others interested.

Once your site has enough visitors – from PPC, organic, social media, other referrals, and direct – and you think it is pretty, and works well it may be time to give your attention to some A/B testing, and general UX design thinking. Hotjar is the perfect catalyst for that, and the team behind it all is rapidly growing and in my mind, the market leaders.

Well, that is the freebie tip of the month. Hope it can help you. If you are unsure how to integrate it, then take some time to work out how to use Google Tag Manager. It’s the best way to incorporate the tiny scripts needed to run Hotjar on your site.