Every now and then I buy The Monocle. An expensive magazine, and full of things I cannot afford, it is a rare treat. However, for my annual leave this year I departed with nine books, a full copy (or two) of the FT, and The Monocle. I devoured each page and each article but I truly loved this editions insert – a really super brochure on Turkish Airlines, and their recent “revamp”. They are really going full out!

I read a little more on it here, and my wife (a marketing whizz) said that Turkish Airlines (let’s call them TA) would pay a huge fortune to have such a feature. I wondered why, but, after reading through it I am now a huge fan of the airline! They are set to have the biggest (or close to) the biggest hub in the world, and their east meets west geography has this psychological effect on you: namely that it literally does bridge east and west and that is just what an aeroplane is meant to do: connect those two worlds.

I’ve always loved the East. And the West. And even the Middle East. Now I feel I can love it all when in Istanbul – they say the city is like a New York meets the Middle East – as the city spans so much archaic culture yet is so modern and vibrant. I will have to see for myself one day…

That said, I was dreaming about a dream job (as one does at 4pm in the work day) and figured that being the Marketing Director for a huge firm like Turkish Airlines would be epic! Ethiopian Airlines, Singapore, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, BA – one of the big ones, that would be a dream. However, with this Monocle insert I can see that the person at the helm is already a very wise marketing guru and for now all I can do is learn and grow in my skills. One day I will have my chance but until then I shall just be in awe of the airline industry and continue with this here blog.