Don’t allow long layovers and flights to derail your diet. A healthy traveller is a happy traveller, and greasy fast-food or vending machine snacks don’t have to be your go-to meals.

Today’s Love your layover series article features some of the best healthy food delights Heathrow Airport has to offer. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, allergic, or intolerant, Heathrow has something to offer. Here are our top picks:

  1. Pret A Manger

This health conscious, sustainability-focused fresh food store is any health foodie’s dream. They prepare their food on-site daily, which guarantees its freshness. Pret offers a wide range of vegetarian, vegan, wheat- and gluten-free options (including vegan desserts and snacks!). They serve coffees and other warm drinks, juices, smoothies, wraps, salads, sandwiches, baked treats, and hot and cold breakfast items.

You can view their full menu here, and download their ingredient and allergen guides here.

Where to find them:

  • Terminal 3 (before security): Opening hours: 06:00-22:00.
  • Terminal 4 (after security): Opening hours 06:00-21:00.
  • Terminal 5 (after security): Opening hours 05:00-last departing flight.


  1. Itsu

If you love Asian-inspired food, look no further than Itsu. Founded in Chelsea, London in 1997, Itsu is all about fresh, nutritious meals on the go. They offer plenty of gluten-free options, as well as low-carb, vegan, and vegetarian meals and snacks. Think sushi, Asian bowls, noodles, soups, smoothies, and breakfast pots. Their food is freshly-prepared every day, and to minimise waste, they sell many dishes at half price before closing time. Bonus!

View their menu here.

Where to find them:

  • Terminal 5 (after security): 04:30-last departing flight


  1. EAT

EAT offers a wide variety of freshly-prepared foods that taste good and leave you feeling good. With an emphasis on using seasonal produce, many of their menu items change weekly and seasonally. They serve coffees, soups, hot pots, sandwiches, salads, breakfast pots and porridges, and hot and cold drinks. Their menu also offers several vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

View their menu here.

Where to find them:

  • Terminal 2 (after security): Opening hours: 05:00-last departing flight
  • Terminal 3 (after security): Opening hours: 05:00-21:00


The best part? All three of the above outlets offer in-flight picnic services, so that you can enjoy fresh, healthy food throughout your flight. Visit the Heathrow Airport website for more details.