Lights, cameras…boarding passes!

When visiting Heathrow Airport, it’s easy to imagine that you’ve stepped into a movie scene. Flashbacks of Die Another Day might run through your mind, or, if you’re more romantically inclined, recalling the famous airport scene in Love Actually may make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Heathrow has proudly held the title of “World’s Second Busiest Airport” since 2014, and Hollywood casts and crews certainly contribute to this bustling international airport’s impressive title.

As a tribute to Heathrow’s buzzing atmosphere (and prestigious title), we’ve rounded up the top 3 action-packed Hollywood movies featuring famous British and Hollywood actors filmed at Heathrow Airport:

  1. Edge of Tomorrow (2014)
  • Hollywood star: Tom Cruise
  • British star: Emily Blunt

In this action-packed thriller, Major William Cage (Cruise) and Special Forces agent Rita Vrataski (Blunt) are tasked with fighting off an invading alien race. There’s only one catch – they are stuck in a time-loop, forced to relive the same battle and die over and over again…until they defeat the enemy.

  1. Die Another Day (2002)
  • Hollywood star: Halle Berry
  • British stars: Pierce Brosnan, Toby Stephens & Rosamund Pike

After escaping from a North Korean prison, James Bond (Brosnan) teams up with agents Miranda Frost (Pike) and Jinx (Berry) to stop millionaire villain Gustav Graves (Stephens) from deploying the Icarus satellite – a laser beam Graves intends to use to cut a path through the Korean Demilitarised Zone which would enable North Korean troops to invade South Korea.

  1. The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)
  • Hollywood stars: Matt Damon & Julia Stiles
  • British star: Paddy Considine

In the 3rd film in the Bourne series, British reporter Simon Ross (Considine) brings Bourne out of hiding by requesting to interview him about Operation Blackbriar (project Treadstone’s upgrade). Ross’s attempt to uncover the operation puts Bourne in jeopardy however, as their meeting discloses Bourne’s location to The Company. A chase ensues as The Company attempts to eradicate Bourne once and for all.

Not an action fan? Some other great Hollywood movies featuring British and Hollywood stars filmed at Heathrow include:

  • Bend it Like Beckham (2002)
  • Love Actually (2003)
  • A Fish Called Wanda (1988)
  • Green Street Hooligans (2005)
  • Red Sparrow (2018)
  • Last Chance Harvey (2008)
  • Wimbledon (2004)
  • And many more

So keep your eyes peeled – next time you pass through Heathrow, you might just find yourself featuring as an extra in the next big Hollywood blockbuster.