Environmental Resources Management (ERM) is a company which specialises in providing consulting services to large companies (both private and government) to enable them to better manage and understand their impact on society and the environment. ERM has provided invaluable services to many Fortune 500 companies within the fields of health, safety, risk and environmental impact. Sustainability is a main focus of ERM as in each of their many areas of consulting, innovative solutions are used to address the many challenges faced by their clients in industries such as mining, energy, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.   

The consulting services provided to these industries all assist companies to achieve their targets whilst safeguarding against negative environmental and social impacts. Many of the largest companies in the world require such services to reduce their impact on global warming. Whilst these companies may have their own strategies to meet performance and operational goals, these may not best solve or adhere to the standards of cultural and environmental challenges – this is where ERM comes in.

Sustainability has been a core service at ERM for the past 40 years and as such their experience allows companies fortify their commitments to socioeconomic factors, environmental regulations, and future generations through the implementation of the most efficient practices. Although this may cover specific mechanical processes, ERM covers efficiency otherwise at a granular level through:

  • Enhanced employee and stakeholder engagement;
  • Smarter innovation;
  • Greater cost control;
  • Increased investor confidence
  • Improved agility

Other services focused on health and safety allows businesses to make smarter decisions regarding the well-being of their employees and customers. Analysts and behavioural scientists are often used to confirm that safety standards are met, risks are averted, and health is considered in all facilities and workplaces.

The recommendations based on safety and risk are of particular importance in industries involving dangerous machinery. Oil and gas industries require assistance with the implementation of new green technologies, low-emission operations and the ethical removal of waste. Similarly, energy companies receive recommendations and advice on site selection, compliance with environmental policies and the management of renewable technologies.

ERM is not limited to just environmental consultation but also has the capacity to advise on mergers, divestitures, crisis management, supply chain issues, privacy and cybersecurity.Some of the largest companies assisted by ERM are Shell, World Bank, Unilever, the UK government, Procter and Gamble, Ford and Eurostar.