Google Suite is a no-brainer for most startups, or small businesses. It offers a whole host of incredible software tools for a paltry $4 or $5 a month, per user. Considering Microsoft Office for business is around $280 – for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, & Outlook – you can get much better mail, and comparable (and far more reasonable) software for your writing and spreadsheets by choosing Google. Sure, if you have been raised with Microsoft Word you may have a penchant for it, but you likely can be swayed by the hefty price for legal Microsoft software.

The Cloud. Everything is up there now and no-one knows and does this better than Google. Or maybe Amazon. And, yes, certainly God – King of cloud making, and filling them with angels with harps. But otherwise, the beauty of knowing everything is syncing happily away in the background, and your invited user is editing the same document as you, and you can easily see their changes, makes for pure working bliss. Now… add to this about a hundred other applications (apps) and you will be very grateful you are paying that $4 a month to harness all its power. To be honest, you likely will never get past the first ten apps. I haven’t.

All this to say: stick with the big guns. Google have proven themselves time and time again, and when someone out there is better, sure, move away. That is another nice thing about monthly rental: you can choose to unsubscribe at any time and walk away. If you’d paid $300 for software however, you might be upset when you take up a paid job, or an upgrade is very steep. So my advice to all small business who want a simple website, some tip-top SEO attached to it, and then the software to manage their little “baby” is this: go with the monthly rental software designed perfectly for people like you at heart; go for G Suite.

All you need is a credit card and, if like most people you have been using free Gmail for years, it will be a cinch to get the hang of it all.