The Firewood Company has recently undergone a site redesign and has the impetus to grow their marketing budget. We were roped in to help with Google Ads and for some on-site SEO advice so that all those freezing Capetonians who turn to the web in distress to find firewood will end up on their website. A huge fan of winter fires and cast-iron fireplaces myself, it piqued my interest and was an easy decision to help them out. The industry is about as seasonal as it gets (though they do offer braaiwood for those summer braais) so we have our work cut out for us in the main winter demand. That said, there is going to be a lot of work done November 2019 to May 2020 to ensure that, come the first heavy rains, they are sitting pretty at #1 in the rankings – we hope.

All to say, we are grateful for another client this first half of 2019, and even more grateful for the heavy rains pouring over the Western Cape. Long may both last!

Update: A year and a half later (early 2021) and things are still looking really good for TFWC. Their dominance on the SERP’s is indicated by how many keywords they are now ranking for in the top 3 (26 terms I deemed of value, there are surely more). In addition their Ads account is supremely mean and lean, delivering incredible value in its Cost Per Conversion. Am super excited to see this winter roll round and see what transpires…

Second update: Four years later (mid-2023 today) and things are still going strong. The brand’s SEO, and Google Ads are performing super well, and the best way to prove that is the CPA is at it’s best since the beginning.