Want to learn how to be a barista? Then you need to get trained, and certified. I’d imagine you can still pour a coffee without certification, but to get a top job, then surely you’d want the right accreditation on your CV. Or LinkedIn. Or some modern social media that everyone is moving towards.

That all to say, I recently helped the wonderful Winston Thomas with his site’s SEO and digital plan so that he can gain more customers: folk who want to train from undoubtedly South Africa’s best barista. He has won a bunch of competitions and certainly knows his stuff. See his new website here, and what he has to offer.

Sidenote: It’s all come at a really interesting time for me as lockdown 2020 for me was all about using free time to learn some culinary skills. It started with curries (a favourite) but quickly grew into bread making, coffee making (upgrading to the aeropress, with the pourover, french press, and moka pot well behind me), and then general learning from the wonderful guys at Milk Street. Their $25/month course was given away for free during covid, and how grateful I was for that. It was super insightful having world-class videos to watch and learn more, and their methods and teaching style was a pleasure to work with. It also made me realise how great Teachable is in general: something I certainly want to explore more when I have more time.

That whole ramble to say: work in industries you are passionate about. I personally love the environmental issues, food, tourism, hospitality, cities, and to a lesser extent how tech influences all of this. So, passion inside, time to get better at making coffee.