Redite provides clients with a level of security I didn’t know existed, and it’s been a fascinating journey learning the various ways I could be hacked! Surely a must-have for big corporates with a lot on the line (think lawyers, accountants, finance firms, crypto people, and whatnot) as your work network may be secure, but you never know what someone brings in on their personal phone into the office wi-fi network, and what they will click on in their daily mails. I mean, I know so little, so perhaps it’s not such a big deal, but the impression I get is that being secure digitally is going to become an ever-increasingly important subject for all firms, and likely individuals too.

Personally, I often think if I lost everything (passwords, accounts, etc) I will just sell everything and move to the Transkei and grow organic food, or return to the world of teaching and textbooks and be glad to not be looking at a screen again – in fact, perhaps I could teach rurally and accomplish both… but that is just me, and 99.9% of folk are unlikely to choose that path! Speaking of which, 99.9% uptime is what so many hosting companies offer, and I wonder what Redite (and their main tools) offer… ? 100% protection? I must find out and work ont hat for a content strategy.

What am I doing for them?

SEO, Google Ads, a site refresh (as of today it’s shockingly bad!) and plenty more 🙂