Nine Spheres Technologies helps companies in Brisbane with all things IT. Well, not likely all things, but the important ones for modern business. I began talking to them pre-COVID19 and only began in late May once their country had done a great job of harnessing it in.

My hope is to do an even greater job for them, and grow their online presence massively so that they can get more clients and do more business. As most businesses want to adopt “cloud based technology” they should only have an increase in demand, but the main SEO problem is of course: who knows about them…?

The dream is to plot out an epic strategy, implement it month by month for the next 3-6 months and hopefully by November they are sitting pretty at the top of the rankings for their keyw terms. I am going full-time at it with both Google Ads and both on-site and off-site SEO and partnering with a Facebook expert who will be running with some marketing there, too. Always nice being in a team, and so much to learn when you collaborate.