The Good Work Foundation is a really super organisation that helps with education in South Africa. Backed by some huge brands, this allows them to have a large staff complement and do incredible work. There is a large focus on IT, STEM, novel ways of learning, leadership, enterprise development, and wonderfully: empowering girls and women.

Before I get into it, just know that I somehow work that much better when I really believe in a cause, and this is one of those causes. They truly will make a lasting difference in South Africa and that is something I want to do as well, so, instead of starting my own NGO, it’s far simpler and more efficient to just help them in any way I can.

My work is to be a digital consultant of sorts. Help with their website, the tools they use, set up meaningful measures, grow their blog into a powerhouse, do some UX testing, aid with more donations and anything SEO-tech related. It’s a massive privilege.

It’s been a slow start so far but my hope is to have made a real change a year down the line. As always, return here down the line for when I write an update. I typically try to write an “update on the client’s progress” farther down on each “new client” article I write so people can follow the story, and keep me accountable. To know when I began, check the blog post post date, I try to be as accurate as possible as to when I began, and for context, most projects need 6-12 months for their goals to be realised.