If I had a choice, I would study at Cambridge University, even though I am old and grey. In 2012 I had the opportunity to visit both Oxford, and Cambridge and though I loved Oxford and it has so many good memories (I stayed there for six weeks) something about Cambridge was just that little bit more appealing. 

You could say Cambridge is a brand, in fact, it is. For me it’s the best place to study in the world and carries a lot of weight in the world’s opinions be it in engineering, science, or tonnes of other fields. In fact, if you go to Oxford they will tell you to spell a word like ‘specialise’ with a ‘z’, and in Cambridge, they use an ‘s’ – America chose to go with the former, and it’s not just an American thing, it still persists to this day at Oxford – the ultimate authority on English matters, you’d think. Anyway, that aside, I almost studied a CELTA course when I was deep in the ways of TEFL (teaching English) – the ‘C’ in CELTA stands for Cambridge, and it gives that course so much more credence, because it’s a sign that Cambridge is behind the course. Perhaps they created it, perhaps they mark the tests, I don’t know, maybe it’s just some random folk who live there and aren’t actually really affiliated with the University at all, who knows.

All this is to say that Learning Unlimited offers Cambridge A Level tuition – and those words combined mean that:

  1. You’ll be getting a really trusted education
  2. A levels are certainly better than Matric (O levels are like our matric)
  3. And someone tutoring that stuff likely is a cut above.

This is where Learning Unlimited comes in, they offer that tip-top tuition so that their students can have the best education, and open up so many opportunities for them to study abroad, or even just at home in South Africa, if they want. In addition to wishing I’d gone to Cambridge, I also wish I’d done my A levels – not that it was an optin years ago. I’m supe grateful for my time at UCT but heck, I wish I’d know about the oyster-world and how if I’d done the right courses, and focussed on the right things I may have been able to do a semester abroad at another University, and perhaps a post-grad too.

And that is what Learning Unlimited hopes to do in a way, their over-qualified tutors (people with degrees from Harvard and the like) will do for you: they will give you that edge, and that insight into how you can have a great education path, a path that leads to bigger, wider spaces. South Africa is epic, so many of our educators/researchers, and scientists are world-class but we just don’t compete with many overseas institutions merely because we don’t have the money or the scale. There is the brain drain too, but I think that is a side issue. Apparently there is some stat like Arizona State University’s football (as in NFL) budget is greater than like GDP of a small country. Something ludicrous like that. It’s likely another University, and something else but trust me: the budgets for sport alone are massive!

For me, I love this country and would only go overseas for the experience, and hope to return to Africa to bring back that wisdom, and such – much as an American could garner from doing a year in Uganda etc – but yes: I’d say to any South African that can take a year or three abroad to study: go for it! And use Learning Unlimited as the vehicle to get you into a place where you qualify.

I’ve started with an SEO strategy, audit, and Google Ads for them. Not sure how it will all transpire but stay tuned for more…