Impact Africa has one of the best “reasons to exist” out of all the companies I’ve ever worked with – what a pleasure helping an organisation that helps others in such a profound and challenging way. I proudly salute them! For them, what I got busy with was site audit number 50 (or more) that I have done, but only one of the first I’ve billed for – in the past, incorporating it into my initial month of work for new SEO clients.

As sadi previously, I’ve realised that the more transparent way of starting new SEO client relatonships is a much more tempting, ‘foot in the door’ approach of me doing a very inexpensive audit first, and then outlining a path for them forward in many asapects. Technical SEO, competition, Google My Business, reporting, analytics, long term plans, content marketing, keyword research, some UX and site performance advice – and many more things. The SEO world of work is both broad and deep! And long may it be that way.

Impact Africa, such a pleasure and I hope you guys can achieve so much more than you ever dreamed as an organisation.