Gophari is a travel website, and blog that helps folk find amazing things to do, mostly in South Africa. The owner also sells advice on how to run a blog, and has a few ebooks on this and other matters, too. Another WordPress client – something I know all too well – it was easy to hit the ground running and provide useful advice from day one, without needing to look around too much.

The bulk of my work was to do a comprehensive SEO audit, help her technically, and then pave a way forward with a long-term SEO strategy. My work is the easy part, the hard part will be implementing that all! As so many of my past clients (and current, I guess) have learned… there is a lot more to my line items of “to do” that meets the eye. Just a few sentences can take them months of work but a willing client lends itself to a successful SEO project.

Am amped to see if she can grow not only her instagram following, but her web traffic too. Check back in a year to find out.