Atlantic Marina specialises in luxury, self-catering apartment rental in the V&A Waterfront, of Cape Town acclaim. A unique and “niche” type of business and hence perfect for SEO! SEO largely involves narrowing down exactly what a company’s offering is and helping them to rank online for that term or terms.

Atlantic Marina certainly is in a good position to advertise both locally and abroad on behalf of its real clients – the actual owners of the apartments. You could argue their real clients are those that rent the apartments, and that is where we come in: we want to entice those Brits, Americans, Swiss, Belgian, Chinese, Arabs, and more to all come stay with them. Another numbers game, our work will largely be to segment the data to find what search volume is coming from where, and capitalise on the gaps in the competition. Accommodation in Cape Town is a hotly contested game! Thankfully, with the world wanting to visit the beautiful city of Cape Town, there is plenty of pie for everyone and considering all the various terms one can search for, we are certain we can rank for some proportion of the golden “long-tail“.

Content, backlinks, on-site optimisation, Google Ads, potentially some e-mail marketing, and working with a new system (named Springnest – a first for us), will all come to the fore in this one and we trust it will be a long-term relationship that bears fruit literally for decades.