You can do Science is a client based in Cape Town that helps students to pass their Physical Science classes by giving them extra tuition via their website. They are in the process of a new website build and approached me for help with an SEO strategy and audit so that their next site will be built with SEO in mind. Smart thinking. I wish all online businesses would do this!

I branded myself ‘The Digital Architect’ for that very reason: see me as the architect that will give a blueprint to web developers to biuld out from. Sure, I don’t design and decide everything but my input is valuable; mostly when up front so you don’t try and apply SEO learnings and insight after all the data and info is in.

Anyway, that is on an aside, back to the client. Well, I for one can say that back in my high school years I spent an hour or two with a classmate, and with one of my Science teachers to grasp some things in physics I didn’t get the first time around and my marks went from 70’s to 90’s and stayed that way for the rest of high school. Sure, I loved Physics and learning but sometimes you just need an extra set of eyes on your problem, or a new perspective your current teacher (or textbook) does not give you. I’ll never forget acing every test and exam thereafter and thinking “Maybe I should do physics at University” – and to this day I still wonder…

Well, it’s 2020 now (and I am somewhat old) so things are all online now, so if you’re worried about Covid-19, or just prefer learning via a screen then why not give these guys a looksee.