Adapt Your Life Academy is a new client that centres around one man: Dr Eric Westman. The “Tim Noakes” of the USA he has a huge following and it all revolves around the Keto diet. Prof. Tim Noakes actually discovered Dr Westman, so it’s the other way around, but the two of them agree on one thing (among other things) and that is: we eat too many carbs! It’s been a fascinating journey learning about the whole cult keto following and just how amped some people are about it.

It’s somewhat hilarious to think of all these people who want to eat so much meat, and you get these vegans who are so on the other side of the spectrum – never has the world been so polarised! I am goign to continue as a fence-sitting centrist in all things political, foodie, and in general. Long may the philosopher at the crossroads live. (Slight nod to GK Chesterton, who hated that idea!)

Anyway, these guys offer Bars, an Academy, and a general website. Dr Westman has poured his life into this thing and he wants it to go beyond him. He’s also like 73 or so, and so I am sure he can’t carry on running it for years! He also promises to donate all profits to the non-profit or something, so very cool to be supporting that.

Lastly, it’s mid-May – let’s see how it all pans out in a year. SEO needs a year. Anything shorter and yes, you might have results, but not enough data to back it all up!