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How long does it take to rank my site?
How long is a piece of string? Well, it depends on your industry and the competition around your key terms. For new sites it can take about 9-12 months, for older sites that are well established, maybe 6-9 months. However, if you’re in a niche that no-one else has tapped into, it can be much quicker.
How much does the SEO industry change?
Good question! It can change in a week. Google releases updates to their algorithim and the rankings go haywire. However, if you follow best practices and stay current with industry trends you should not be in for any massive shocks.
Can I meet with you face-to-face?
For sure. A lot of this industry is very new and complicated to the uninitiated. We can take you through our thought process step-by-step and do it live – right in front of you –  showing you exactly why we know if your term is competitive, and if it can rank easily or not and at what cost.
What is the minimum time I can invest in an SEO campaign?
Unless it’s a once-off consulting charge, we would say you need six months minimum for SEO to take full effect. Three months for an AdWords campaign, but ideally you’d want to persevere for longer with both options.
How do you get your prices?
Industry standards and also a culmination of estimates based on time spent ranking your site and the tools/software needed to help achieve that.