Yellow Tree Environmental specialises in stack testing and monitoring, helping our country’s air pollution stay within healthy levels. Before the client brief and doing research into the industry I never gave much thought to “stacks”. Those thin towers reaching to the sky are so pronounced and high because of the danger of that air passing into human lungs, among other reasons, I’m sure. Now, I can’t stop seeing them everywhere – it’s alarming to think just how many are in each city and area of the world. And, when you read about the affect air pollution is having on our lungs – how it is lowering life expectancies and resulting in fatalities – then you realise how much we need companies like Yellow Tree at the helm.

We have 6-12 months to try and help them gain more SEO traction, and we’re doing that with a new website (that is 50 times more SEO friendly) and a Google Ads campaign. We salute you Yellow Tree and hope the increased site traffic results in a cleaner South Africa.