Industrial engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with the optimisation of complex processes, systems, or organisations. Industrial engineers work to eliminate waste of time, money, materials, person-hours, machine time, energy and other resources that do not generate value.

When it comes to Air Pollution we largely deal with Chemical Engineers, Industrial Engineers, and Process Engineers – however, all manner of engineers are necessary in the broader scope of things. When wind turbines reduce the carbon footprint of a state, you are dealing with mechanical, design, mechatronic, civil, and a host of other engineers – never mind all the technicians and scientists, too!

As this website and monthly blog mostly handles news around the subject of air pollution, and worldwide trends we do choose to largely focus on the domains that are most intimately involved. Stay tuned for our news (we try our best to stay up to speed with all the latest happenings in industry) and hopefully we all learn together!