SEO is currently one of the most searched terms, and sought after skill sets in business today. A term, a title, a job, a noun, a verb… But just what is it!? It stand for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ and while many people think “that just means Google” – truly, there is a lot more to it than that! Getting your SEO right means so many things and we have decided to break it down into some parts…

First, it means getting your website set up correctly so that your “on-site” SEO is good. On-site, like the phrase suggests is everything to do with your actual site. How it loads, how the code is written, do you have a menu, is it navigable on mobile devices, are your images tagged in a way that Google can fathom what they are actually of, relevant headings and much more.

Secondly, it means doing certain things off-site (so very much not on your website, but on the Internet in general) so that Google’s opinion is that other sites are “talking” about you. Much like a celebrity would get a lot of folk talking about them (good or bad) your site can have good links from good websites, or bad links from dodgy websites. Added to that, you could have a link from a decent website, but Google could perceive it as being irrelevant. All in all, you want the right websites linking to you, within a good, relevant context.

Thirdly, there is more to it than only Google, as you want to do rank highly in searches on Bing and Yahoo as well – but they’re of much lesser importance. Casual stat: ~80% of web searches are done on Google, the rest on their competition – though this is likely to change with other search engines like DuckDuckGo on the rise, and things like privacy issues becoming more important. Thankfully, generally the SEO work you do for ranking well on Google impacts the other search engines well, too.

Fourthly, SEO incorporates is somewhat related (in a “this is my cousin” kind of way) to Google Ads campaigns, Social Media posts, Press releases, Content Marketing, and a whole lot more. Way more. It is both broad and deep – tonnes and tonnes of information to grasp to understand SEO well – and while strictly SEO would not incorporate all of those an SEO specialist much certainly be able to comprehend them all and how they fit into your “digital mix”.

Finally, there is much to learn about SEO, more than anyone can write on a blog post, so check out our other posts on this blog. I will try my best to explain things in a relatable way for typical questions my clients ask me.

Post-script, one thing is clear: a modern business that relies on getting new customers through people searching online most certainly needs an SEO strategy, a long-term roadmap, and careful implementation of these to succeed today. If you are in any doubt, then I’d say certainly opt for a free, 30-minute consultation to determine where your site lies on the SEO spectrum.