Google Ads is simple the system by which you pay Google to advertise your business and its services at the top of their search results.

Google returns search results based on what users search for, and so, if they search ‘Cape Town plumber’ they will list adverts (generally, not always, sometimes no-one bids on a term) and then the “organic” results.

Organic here means natural results where no-one has paid for the adverts. In very non-competitive terms there are generally no adverts showing (perhaps an ‘expert monkey tamer’ is a good example) but on the other side of the spectrum it is far different.

‘Hotel Cape Town’ for instance will reveal just how many people want to sell a night at their hotel – meaning it can be incredibly expensive to book the top spot, probably anything from as much as R40 to R250 per click – and that click doesn’t guarantee they will book a night to stay there!

So, in short, Google Ads are great to get visibility early on in a business’s journey (where it is affordable) but over time you want to move to having amazingly perfect SEO in place so that you rank first organically, and pay nothing(!) for people to see you at the top of the page.

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