Campaign planning is probably the next discussion once you have your initial strategy and budget in place. Once you have in mind how to do your on-site SEO, what your industry looks like, how much it will cost you, and how long it will take then you want to begin to think long-term.

In this industry long-term is anything from six months to two years. Most decent SEO results take six months to show for an old site, and perhaps nine to twelve months for a new site.

Perhaps a good list to go through to understand a long-term campaign would be as follows:

  • Client meeting about industry and goals
  • Research on industry and current website
  • Proposal on on-site SEO, and basic off-site SEO such as Google My Business, Maps
  • Implementation of above off- and on-site SEO
  • Start of AdWords campaign targeting those selfsame keywords
  • Off-site SEO strategy session
  • Beginning of off-site SEO implementation
  • Monthly feedback and tweaking of whole campaign
  • Within six months to have ranked on major terms